My Incident Report™ Phone App

My Incident Report™ (MIR) is for both professionals and others who want to quickly document and manage incident reports and events.

My Incident Report™ (MIR) can efficiently and securely implement Information data sharing.

My Incident Report™ (MIR) uses “Speech to Text”.
Typing is not necessary but can be used to correct and edit text.

A Network Connection is needed to START & later to SEND a Completed MIR Report PDF attachment in an EMAIL

“My Incident Report”-The purple Button is the PRIMARY BUTTON to START & COMPLETE an Incident Report.

Incident Report Folder- The green Button is where the User can select a "Completed MIR" & share the MIR with others.

My Incident Report™(MIR) is FAST and SAVES TIME.

Devices: ANDROID Phones and
iOS Phones (under development)

My Incident Report™ (MIR) can capture statements, videos, photos and audio texts.

My Incident Report™ (MIR) offers WITNESS statements with audio which are important features for forensic purposes.

MIR Witness information & Witness Audio is a powerful & a very important MIR Feature. It gives an independent eyewitness forensic validating testimony to any Incident.

Once the completed MIR has been SENT to you it will have a PDF Attachment including links to Videos, Photos, Audio, Documents & Witness Audio. You will need a PDF Reader. Many good FREE PDF READERS are available.

You can still edit the MIR PDF attachment before sending the MIR to others but a PDF Editor is needed.

Reporter/Users can also gather media (video, audio, photo) data and evidence which can be shared with others. Multiple Witness audio is available.

Many MIR incident reports are included. They are fully functional templates with more to come.
Incident Reports included are: (subject to change)

General Incident-GIR
Police Incident-PIR
Child Abuse or Neglect Incident-CANIR
Driving Incident-DIR
Security Guard Incident-SGIR
School Incident-SIR
Work Incident-WIR
Medical Incident-MedIR
Sports Incident-SportIR
Fish & Game Incident-FGIR
Animal Abuse or Neglect Incident-AANR
Drug or Alcohol Abuse Incident-DAAIR
Homeless Incident-HIR

The User/Reporter (the source of the Incident Report) can enter the related data into the various fields or merely say or type "none".

The User/Reporters data is device ephemeral (temporary).

The User/Reporter can then Send a MIR email to just themselves (for potential editing) or to their selected Recipients as well.

Customization's are available. Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Devices: ANDROID Phones and
iOS Phones (under development)
Google Play Store and Apple App Store



 “MY INCIDENT REPORT™ ” Manages INCIDENT and EVENT Reporting by utilizing advnced Features & Elements incuding FLUTTER & DART

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TITLES of Available Pre-Built Fully Functional TEMPLATES:

MIR-LIST-CATEGORIES-18Apr2022 (subject to change)

  1. General Incident-GIR
  2. Police Incident-PIR
  3. Child Abuse or Neglect Incident-CANIR
  4. Driving Incident-DIR
  5. Security Guard Incident-SGIR
  6. School Incident-SIR
  7. Work Incident-WIR
  8. Medical Incident-MedIR
  9. Sports Incident-SportIR
  10. Fish & Game Incident-FGIR
  11. Animal Abuse or Neglect Incident-AANR
  12. Drug or Alcohol Abuse Incident-DAAIR
  13. Homeless Incident-HIR