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"Manage your Incident Reporting data ==> SAVE YOUR DATA to the Cloud with MIR"

About Us & MIR

Symbiotech, Inc. has been vetted and approved for awards by the US Govt and given both a UEI (DUNS) number and DOD CAGE number.

Symbiotech, Inc. specializes in creating innovative and stable mobile Incident Reporting applications for Gov't Agencies, Libraries, Schools, Police/Security Guards and more. ...

Devices include: Android Tablets and Smartphones (Android & iOS)


MANY Incident Report sare available including: Accidents-First Responders-Police-Sports-School-SPEECH TO TEXT-FAST


“MY INCIDENT REPORT™” (MIR) -with powerful audio “SPEECH TO TEXT” capability.

 “MY INCIDENT REPORT™” Manages INCIDENT and EVENT Reporting by utilizing advnced Features & Elements incuding FLUTTER & DART

Available Report Categories are subject to change:

General, Accident, First Responders, Police, Sports, Child Abuse, Driving, Security Guard, School, Work, Insurance Auto Claims, Medical, Fish & Game, Animal Abuse, Homeless, and MORE ...

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My Incident Report - Customizations are available. Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


TITLES of Available Pre-Built Fully Functional TEMPLATES:

MIR-LIST-CATEGORIES-5/22/2022 (subject to change)

  1. General Incident-GIR
  2. Police Incident-PIR
  3. Child Abuse or Neglect Incident-CANIR
  4. Driving Incident-DIR
  5. Security Guard Incident-SGIR
  6. School Incident-SIR
  7. Work Incident-WIR
  8. Medical Incident-MedIR
  9. Sports Incident-SportIR
  10. Fish & Game Incident-FGIR
  11. Animal Abuse or Neglect Incident-AANR
  12. Drug or Alcohol Abuse Incident-DAAIR
  13. Homeless Incident-HIR
  • Some Screen TITLES are:
  • REPORTER (the creator of their specific report using “MY INCIDENT REPORT”.
  • WHO (The SUBJECT of the “My Incident Report”)
    WHAT (Description)
  • Uploading Media & Evidence
  • Validating data such as ID's
  • Communicating by SENDING the Data & Media
  • My Incident Report - BUTTON - Network Connection is needed to START & later to SEND Finished MIR Report in an EMAIL
  • Data & Media can be stored as Video, Audio & Text which can be SHARED with Phone Contacts &/or Email Contacts
  • School Incident Reports (SIR) can be used by School Nurses & Sports Team Coaches to record & note injuries, etc. to SEND to Parents & Medical Support personnel.
  • Data & Media can be stored as Video, Audio & Text which can be shared as Phone Contacts &/or Email Contacts.
  • While “MY INCIDENT REPORT” initial purpose is to capture & organize data & information concerning incidents, it can be easily repurposed to use it for REUNIONS, such as Family, School Class & Sports Teams plus LECTURES, EVENTS, CONCERTS, etc. The information can then be easily stored, organized & shared with others.
  • The Internationalization or Localization with various Languages in addition to ENGLISH will be installed & supported
  • Some Background:
  • FLUTTER is currently a STABLE version 2.5 on mobile phones such as Android, iPhone, (No iPad currently), Pixel, PLUS  future versions on Desktop OS's such as Linux, Windows, Apple Mac, Android.
  • WINDOWS DESKTOP IS NOW STABLE 04FEB2022 & FLUTTER versions will be available for the DESKTOP in future Developments.
  • “MY INCIDENT REPORT” was inspired & initially conceived to aid, & assist in the Operations of the “Dept of Family & Children Services”. We anticipate “MY INCIDENT REPORT” will be instrumental in saving & improving the lives of “Abused & Neglected Children & Women”. We at Symbiotech, Inc. & Aid Kids Corp (a 501c3 Charity) are grateful to play a helping role.
  • This app is subject to changes & updates. “MY INCIDENT REPORT” Version 1 will likely be updated & have additional FORMS available. Also, CUSTOM FORMS & CUSTOM Versions of “MY INCIDENT REPORT” can be created. For more information select Symbiotech Contact Us or “This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”.
  • Symbiotech, Inc.
  • 5/22/2022
  • “MY INCIDENT REPORT” (MIR) Is an Incident Reporting Phone App.
  • * The audio “SPEECH TO TEXT” capability is currently limited to ENGLISH TEXT unless otherwise so noted.
  • en,es,hi,zh,de,it,fr,ja,ar,fa,pt,ru,th,by
  • English, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai
  • Post Script
  • “MY INCIDENT REPORT” is coded in the DART language & FLUTTER architecture.
  • Our team(s) at Symbiotech, Inc. want to give a BIG SHOUTOUT to the FLUTTER DEVELOPERS. They are GREATLY improving MOBILE APP Technology & Performance. FLUTTER - Write Once & Run Everywhere !